PRFP aims at building and fitting out 4 senior vocational schools. Concerning the one of Koudougou which is witnessing a delay in its original operation plan, contractors had been established in january 2010.

As GL&S, the architect, has resigned in january 2011, the "Infrstructures and Equipments" component of PRFP had decided to take over. In that spirit, a team has been constituted to conduct finish works.

From its status, the vocational school of Koudougou should serve as a demonstration lab to the Normal School of the University of Koudougou. It has in all 4 workshops that are mechanics engineering, electrics engineering, civil engineering and restaurant business. Construction works have reached an advanced stage and equipments are expected this year.

After the university of Koudougou, the reference center of Ziniaré, PRFP is looking forward to reveal its fird achievement to the public.