A mission had been led in the Capital city of Senegal from July 26th to 31st of the year 2009. PRFP wanted to get acquainted with difficulties in terms of training structures management, vocational training certification organization, vaocational and technical training and education didactical equipments exploitation and maintenance.

The team from Burkina Faso was able to visit teaching structures sucha:

  • Sainte Jeanne d’Arc Institute
  • Senegal/Japan Technical and vocational Training center
  • the National center of professional qualifications (CNQP)
  • the Entrepreneurship and technical development centr (CEDT-G15)
  • the Multinational Higher education school of Telecommunication (ESMT°

Apart from the guided tour of schools, the team had had meetings with schools managers and founders. More than that, they met with the Head Office of vocational and technical education and with Mr. Minister of Technical education and Vocational Training of the Republic of Senegal.

At the end of their mission, the team come back to Ouagadougou with a good harvest of documents such as:

  • the certification system,
  • methodological guide of training program conception and implementation according to the competence approach
  •  general framework of the process of competence approach

and had been to :

  • gather technical and organizational information in the training structures,
  • appropriate the certification system of the vocational training structures,
  • take inspiration from the technical equipments management and maintenance system.

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