A UCAT team is at the present time in Burkina Faso. Composed of vocational trainig centers managers, instructors, suppliers and the planning division director of the Bureau of employement and vocational training, the team had had many working sessions with the members of PRFP and archtects.

On thursday March 18th, 2010, the team that was composed of the centers managers and the Planning division director made a restitution of the works they had done. The main objectives of this trip were: the imporvement of vocational trainin, human resources building, the reinforcement of technical education and the technical assistance.

Suggestions had been made during this restitution and they wer about:

- the quick establishment of the statute of the reference center of Ziniaré, its strategies, management methods ;

- suggestion to support Bukina Faso in the elaboration of training reference materials ;

 suggestion to introduce green energy technologies in the sub-projects.

The chief of the teaching section of CVTC will stay i Burkina until april 8th to help with the industrial vocational training center of Bobo-Dioulasso and the ANPE’s regional centers.

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