From August to September, the " Infrastructures and Equipments" component in partnership with taiwan task force and suppliers had set up the facilities of the vocational training center of reference of Ziniaré. Five training streams are concerned with and among them we have mechanics engineering, civil engineering, electric engineering, automotive mechanics and backery. Each stream being divided into subdisciplines. In electric engieering for example one can list air conditioning and refrigeration, house wiring, electronics, electrotechnics and industrial electricity.


After the appointment of the General Manager of teh center during a cabinet Meeting, PRFP through its collaboration with the Ministry of youth and employment is working toward the openeing of the center. In coming days and months, it will be question of advanced training for ANPE’s instructors. Il all, about 350 instructors in different trades will be concerned with this training which will be conducted with the support of taiwan task force.

Further information concerning initial training will be given later on.