On december 3rd, resident financial and technical partners, respresentatives of institutions and diplomats had been invited by Taiwan Embassy to visit the Vocational Training Center of Reference of Ziniaré (VTCR-Z).

It was the first time for the distingushed guests who were caught by the size of the center to visit it. As he took the floor on behalf of the beneficiary ministry, mister Ambroise Bakyono, Director General of Vocational Training of the Ministry of Youth and Employment thanked the distinguished guests and took the opportunity to make an appeal to financial and technical partners.

mister Rol reiland, as the leader of the financial and technical partners said he heard the appeal. In that way, an advisory panel of backers will be held nest year to see how they can support.

in any case, the guests left on a satisfaction rating while looking forward to the inauguration of the center due on the fird decade of December.