Pr Albert OUEDRAOGO, Minister of Secondary and Higher education , together with mr Alexandre CHENG, first Counselor of Taiwan Embassy, gave the go-ahead of the school construction.

The Doma SOME Regional Senior Vocational School was created through the decree n° 2010_453/MESSRS/CAB/MD/EFTP of december 24th 2010 stating technical and vocational education schools opening. This school will cost 2.5 billions of CFA for the buildings and about 800 millions of CFA for the teachingequipments. There will be 4 main training streams that are electrical engineering, civil engineering (construction, metal fitting), food processing and maintenance.

In his speech, mr Alexandre CHENG urged the contractors to respect the deadlines in a way that the school can be ready for 2012-2013 academic year. As for the minister, he promised to keep watching over the good out carrying of works.