The building of a Vocational High School of Application at Koudougou that should serve as a lab to complete the training of instructors of vocational and technical education bu ENS/Uk. The budget allocated to it is four millions eight hundred thousand euros. The execution deadline of this vocational high school is three years (2008-2010).

  • level of recrutment

Recruits must be holders of the General Certificate of Secondary Education (BEPC) and the Vocational Training Certificate (CAP) and they will take the Vocational School Certificate (BEP) and the Higher National Vocational Qualification (Vocational Baccalaureate in the french system).

  • Reception capability

It is of 600 seats shared into 24 classrooms that is 20 to 24 seats by classroom.

  • Streams

The training streams are: argroforestry pastoral, management and trade, motorcycle and automotive mechanics, mechanic engineering, electric engineering (electricity, electromechanics, telecommunication), civil engineering.

  • Teaching program

The training program in vocational high schools is that of the Ministry of Secondary, Higher Education and Scientific Reasearch.

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