As they landed in Burkina faso on May 21st 2011, the team from Taïwan with m. Dai, Chief of the pedagogical section of the central vocational training center of Taichung, went to Koudougou to visit the building site of the senior vocational training center on sunday 22nd 2011.

On tuesday may 24th, with the arrival of suppliers, the unloading started. The civil and mechanical engineering workshops were first concerned. This unloading last from may 24th to 29th. With the suppport of technical education teachers who came from different places and trainees from the normal school of the University of Koudougou, the facilities setting up process went very quickly as they were divided according to the training stream of the school.

Boosted by their experience in facilities setting up, on june 1st, the facilities of the civil engineering, electrical engineering, mechanical engineering and restaurant business workshops were already upacked and put down. it was on that day that His Excellency M. ZHANG ming-Zong, Ambassador of the Republic of China/Taiwan near Burkina Faso, together with local council representatives, went to visit the building site.

As he came to recognize the building site, the secretary general of the Ministry of secondary and higher education said to be satisfied with the execution rate. Nowadays, the second step which consists in tests and training has gegan.