On friday March 2-th, a meeting was hold in the meeting room of the senior vocational school of Bobo-Dioulasso gathering the main donor of PRFP, company leaders from Bobo-Dioulasso, members of PRFP and UCAT.

It was about the resitution of a study conducted by companies on the industrial vocational training center of Bobo-Dioulasso. This meeting had been a springboard for guests from ouagadougou and Taiwan to be familiar with the contents of the document and also make susggestions.

4 training streams had been suggested in the document: energetic engineering, electronic engineering, mechanic engineering and a production section with a production workshop. At the administration level, the center will have a board of directors.

suggestions that aim at rising the level of training (medium and high level training), research, production activities and the involvement of companies in the center had been appreciated by the participants.

Through the leader of the pedagogic section of CVTC, UCAT reaffirm their willing to sustain the center in more in-depth streams such precision machinery, design and manufacture, solar system and ICT.